Our Brewing Process


Here are the Derby Brewing Company we pride ourselves on making the finest beer we can. We thought it would be interesting to share a bit about our beer with you, so you know what goes into every pint of our ale….

Step 1 – Milling

Obviously you can’t make great beer without great ingredients. We only use the finest malts from Warminster malting, specifically Maris Otter; the world’s best malt. Unlike many other breweries we mill our malt ourselves, ensuring the malt is milled just a few hours before it is used in the brew giving maximum flavour.

Step 2 – Mashing

Brew days are an early start, mashing in our freshly milled malt by hand.

Step 3 – Sparging

This process is simple, we sprinkle warm water over our malt to get every last bit of flavour from the grain.

Step 4 – Run Off

This is a slow process, we separate the wort from the spent malt, this is a technical term for malty flavoured water. This is the foundation of the beer and also makes a tasty warm malty flavoured drink on a winter’s morning.

Step 5 & 6 – Copper & Boiling

In a giant kettle we boil up our wort and add a selection of fresh hops to give more enhanced flavours. We believe a great beer recipe is all about balance, with the bitterness from the hops balancing with the great malty flavours.

Step 7 – Hop Soak

To add to the hops we have already thrown in the copper we soak the boiled down wort with some aroma hops to add more complexity and flavour to our beers.

Step 8 – Cooling

This is a very important step as the temperature of the beer need bringing down to 20 degrees to allow it to start fermenting into alcohol.

Step 9 – Oxygenate

To give the fledgling beer a head start we oxygenate the beer as we transfer it to the fermentation vessels. This means the fermentation starts quicker and helps the yeast flourish.

Step 10 – Fermentation

This is where the magic happens. Over 5 days or so depending on the type of beer you are brewing the sugars are gradually converted into alcohol with the help of our very own yeast. We culture our very own live yeast; this gives more flavour than dried yeast that is often used by others.

Step 11 – Racking

A process often left out by many, our final process is to transfer our beer into racking tanks, this removes any excess yeast from the beer before it goes into barrel, helping to make the beer crystal clear when it reaches the glass.

Step 12 – Barrelling

Finally we fill our barrels full of beer, so they are then ready to be delivered to the pub.

If you fancy popping down to our brewery to have a look round why not book onto one of our brewery tours….