About us

TrevorDerby Brewing Company was set up in 2004 by our director of brewing, Trevor Harris. Trevor started his brewing career back 1991 when the brewery was built onto The Brunswick Inn, creating the first brew pub of the modern era. After 15 years running the Brunswick Trevor and wife Kes decided to sell up and enjoy a nice early retirement, or at least that’s what they thought!

They weren’t retired for long before Trevor got bored and The Derby Brewing Company was set up, starting life as nothing more than a fancy hobby for Trevor, but it very quickly became a full time job and more!

We like to keep it in the family with Trevor, his wife Kes their son Paul and his wife Leanne running the show, and their values going into everything we do.

With over 30 years brewing expertise in our brewery going into every beer we produce we hope you can taste the quality and experience. We have developed a core range of beers across every beer style that we always have available – these are basically some cracking beers that have won awards and become so popular that we couldn’t possibly not brew them again! To mix things up a bit and keep things interesting we always brew a ‘few’ new beers a month, this usually depends on how quickly you lot drink them!

Since our small start back in 2004 we have gone from strength to strength and as well as the brewery we now have three pubs. We like to think that we do our pubs in the same way we do our beer ‘using only the finest ingredients’. This generally consists of a great selection of real ales, a mixture of our own and guest ales. Basically we will always try and fit as many as we can on the bar! But we don’t stop there; we aim to bring a fantastic selection of lagers too, there will always be at least 7 on draught and more than you can shake a stick at in bottle from all over the world. Beyond that there is always a great wines and spirits selection for those who aren’t in the mood for a pint, and not to mention our tasting racks for those who can’t decide and really just want to try everything! If you’re hungry too we have a locally sourced homemade food menu that you’re bound to find something to take your fancy.

As long as you good folks like what we do and continue to enjoy our beer and pubs we will do our very best to bring you even more in the future…